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Individual Health Insurance Experts


Comprehensive Assurance has been providing our services to the Western Pennsylvania area for over 30 years. In that time, we’ve learned how to best assess the needs of our clients to recommend their ideal coverage. Our company’s founder, Alfred Papa, had a vision of a health insurance broker that focused on individuals and small groups instead of chasing big corporate clients. Over a quarter of a century later, we still work to bring Alfred’s original vision to life.

We offer our services at no cost to you.

  • We are paid by the providers with whom we work, and we aren’t paid extra for overselling or selling extra bells and whistles.
  • You won’t find salespeople at Comprehensive Assurance – you’ll find an expert.
  • We are an unbiased team eager to act as partners in helping you navigate both commercial providers and public options.

When it comes to health insurance providers, we walk you through the entire process, from ACA to UPMC.

We help you choose your provider, choose your coverage, enroll, and we even support you through the life cycle of your plan!

Because YOU’RE worth taking care of…


We Care About Your Health Coverage...
and You Should, Too!

A broken leg can cost $7,500 to fix. What about cancer care? Long-term treatment often reaches hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Many people don’t have that kind of cash on hand. Having a solid health plan is essential in preventing high medical bills. In addition to saving you money on any unexpected health expenses, many marketplace and private plans give you options for preventative care and checkups – not to mention the money you’ll save on Affordable Care Act tax penalties.

We are familiar with private insurers in your area, as well as the marketplace. We’ll use our knowledge and industry connections to find the best packages at the best prices for our clients.

Our expert team will find you the coverage you need – at a price you can afford. Contact Comprehensive Assurance today for more information!

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