A Customer-Focused Insurance Agency
Bringing the Right Healthcare Solutions to You

Our Services Are Free

Most don’t realize this – but brokers can work for you for free. Because we are paid by the providers with whom we work, we never charge a penny for our services.

We Aren't Salespeople

If you are concerned we will act more like used car salesmen than liaisons, don't! Our job is not sales. Our job is to understand our clients’ needs, as well as to help them understand enrollment processes, their network options, and their coverage options.

We Support You Beyond Enrollment

Comprehensive Assurance supports you for the duration of your coverage. We are always happy to answer questions and routinely check in on our clients. We can even visit your business to answer questions about your coverage and more!

Comprehensive Assurance doesn’t offer “one-and-done” transactions – our helpful and knowledgeable team supports you throughout the entire duration of your plan.

Western PA Relies on Comprehensive Assurance

Bringing the Right Healthcare Solutions to You

We work closely with Pittsburgh and other West Pennsylvania area coverage providers including Highmark, UPMC, Coventry, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and Silver Scripts to ensure that our clientele have a healthy range of options. Because of our close ties to area providers, we can assist you directly if any issues with your plan should arise.

When you have a question or a concern, we will never say "you need to call your carrier." We take care of your every step of the way. We will even file grievances if need be, and we frequently do pro-bono work. We are not motivated to upsell you, and we are not biased in our assistance. Our job is to assess groups and collect demographic information to determine what plans best suit their needs.

For more information on what Comprehensive Assurance can do for you, Contact Us today or see what our customers have to say in their Testimonials.