Comprehensive Assurance, your broker for Health Insurance and Employee Benefits.

Brokerage services delivered at no cost to you!

Comprehensive Assurance was founded May 1st, 1990 by Alfred Papa, who wrote the very first PPO plan used in Pennsylvania. In a market where most health insurance brokerages were built to serve large companies, Comprehensive Assurance focused on small businesses, companies of less than 100 employees, and even less than 20!

Alfred found this approach to be very successful, and Comprehensive Assurance has stayed true to its mission for over a quarter of a century, providing exceptional service to small groups and individuals.

Of course, over the years Comprehensive Assurance has grown. Changes in health care, along with our ever-growing experience, skill-sets, and industry contacts have given us the ability to offer a larger array of services than ever before.

  • Our core offerings include Small Group Insurance, Medicare Products, and Individual Insurance
  • Employee Benefit Plans add coverage for Dental, Vision, Disability, Life, Accident, Cancer, Heart, and more
  • Large Group insurance meets the needs of larger businesses with more complex need of multi-level plans over multi-state locations

Customer relations after the sale is what sets us apart. Exceptional service is how our business grew, from one referral to the next.

At Comprehensive Assurance, you’ll find we treat you as if you are the most important person in the world, and your business is our most important customer. We often work to facilitate issues on behalf of our clients, even to the point of filing grievances with the state when necessary.

If you would like the health insurance experts at Comprehensive Assurance to go to work for you, give us a call at 412-825-6000.  You can also contact us for an appointment through our Contact Us page.

Independent Health Insurance Brokerage

At Comprehensive Assurance, we represent health insurance providers, working to find the best plan for your company or your family.

You pay nothing.

Nor is our compensation based on the level of plan we sell. Our only incentive is to find you the best plan and to serve you well, year after year, so that Comprehensive Assurance remains your health insurance broker of choice, and so that you refer us to your network of businesses, friends, and neighbors.

We look forward to serving you!

When it comes to our clients, we ALWAYS do the right thing, and ALWAYS follow the Golden Rule.

At Comprehensive Assurance, we find that Exceptional Service is the key to our success.

  • Renee Nelson
    I highly recommend Barry Landsperger for all your health insurance needs. I was paying over $500 a month for a Blue Cross plan In January, 2017 my health plan cost was going to increase to over $1,000 a month. I went to Barry to see if he could help get me a more reasonable comparable plan. He was very knowledgeable and found me a plan through UPMC for $376 a month. Not only did he help me with my insurance needs, he also took the time to sit with mu daughter to explain what plans were available to her when she lost her insurance. His information was clear, concise and accurate which enabled us both to make an informed decision. His assistance to both of us was invaluable. If you want a person who will help you every step of the way call Barry. You won't be disappointed.
    Renee Nelson

We take the extra steps.

What plans have your doctor in them? Do you need assistance with income and citizenship verification?

At Comprehensive Assurance, we will help with grievances and finding insurance during special election periods. If you need help, we are at your side.